If Carlsberg did bar crawls... It certainly lives up to its name and Kongo is fucking brilliant at what she does. There is no way in hell that you will be disappointed. You will play drinking games as icebreakers, you will do Cocaine shots (if you can handle them), you will drink ALL the tequila. You may not remember much the next morning. I was down but not out. Back to Tallinn for round 2 in the not to distant future, I hope. Long live the bar crawl!

Leanne, AUS
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I visited Tallinn for my Stag Do with 15 friends. Kristi looked after us for the entire weekend and did an amazing job! She worked with my best man to book all of the day time activities (quad biking, boat trip, crazy golf) and took us to all the best bars and clubs in the evening. We went on Kristi's bar crawl on the first night which was excellent, free entry to every bar, plenty of drinking games and a lot of laughs! I would highly recommend it, especially if you don't know the area or speak the language. Great for big groups. Many thanks Kristi and I'm sure we will see you again for another great weekend!

Dan, UK
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A laid back opportunity to hang out with fellow travelers looking for a good time and the value of the free drinks you get easily exceeds the price of admission. Why wouldn't you do it?
Btw, Nacho is a cool guy who does a good job of making everyone feel welcome. 
Definitely worth it.

Pablo, Brazil
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