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Our Parents told us to not drink with strangers!! 

You're welcome to ignore that advice like we do...but just in case, here's a little something to get to know us



AKA Char-Char Grinch

Don't worry about not knowing how to pronounce his name, after a night of drinking with this guy you won't even remember your own! 
This man will put both the Turkish and the Delight into your night all with a smile that will never quit.

Like all party animals he'll happily join you for shots


AKA Daddy

You ever have that friend who regardless of where somehow finds a way to put latino music on and on and start a dance floor?

Imagine that, plus an insane desire to do shots and doesn't know what the end of the night is!

Come and hang with our resident Guatemalan as he shows you why he loves partying in this city.


AKA Mr Sober Weekend

This guy loves drinking from the top shelf. Mostly because he's the only one in our crew that can reach it, so there's always plenty there.
One of our locals, he's got plenty of Estonia tips about how to keep warm in winter or make the most of the 23 hours of sunshine in the summer.
This demon lives off a good beat, if you see him out, that's where it's happening!


AKA The Smiling Assassin

She found us, and boy are we glad she did!
Our team wouldn't be complete with someone that, without you realising, helps you party your night away and wonder how is already morning!!
With Vodka being her weapon of choice, it has taken us too many hangovers to figure out that parting with this incredible lass comes at your own risk


AKA The Tequila Queen

She's the one we thank/blame for getting us into this!
Kristi is our co-founder and has forgotten more about pub crawling than most of us combined will ever learn.
Her drink of choice is straight tequila and a side glass of water. Because salt and lime are for pussys


AKA Beerak O'Laaaane

George Clooney and Brad Pitt have restraining orders to avoid Marek being photographed too close and making them look bad. True story.

This man is a natural at drinking games and will be out well passed sun up, not that he'd know, because trance club dance floors haven't got windows!


AKA The Energizer Bunny

Loore's seemingly unlimited ability to dance, party and take shots, has lead many researchers to quit in disbelief! She goes hard night after night and we know not to ask the source of her powers.
Stolen from working behind the bar, Loore knows all the hot spots around town, especially if you've got an American accent ;)


AKA The Shot Sensei

After years spent in the Orient perfecting her drinking guidance, Nastja returns as the prodigal daughter to help guide you to one of the best nights you'll have in Tallinn.

If you can keep up, you'll see her let her hair down on the dance floor with a Gin and Tonic


AKA Beercules the Freeeee

A keen football nut and British Pub aficionado, he's the guy you want leading the pack when it comes to the bar karaoke championships!
He always "fancies a pint" and if you want the inside scoop on the best value lagers, just don't ask this New Zealander if he's from Australia


AKA The Wizard of Aus

Your resident loud Australia who said he was only "popping to Europe for a bit" but just never left.

Be it a Pirate, Leprechaun or Santa this fella clearly likes to dress up ;)

He enjoys a nice romantic double G&T or a shot of Jäger, he's not picky


AKA Train Engine

Your friendly neighbourhood ride or die into the night American/Estonian.
Appreciates tequila shots, techno music, and generally any sort of good easy going time peeps. Our #1 Stag hunter will get you going on the pub crawl and then always carries onto the underground scene after.
Don't say we didn't warn you, when you miss your flight

So if you like meeting new people, having an awesome time and probably drinking enough to need to lie to your Doctor, then you can send us a message telling us about yourself or just come along to the crawl and say hey to the team!